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Oued Laou

Oued Laou’s main attraction is its beach! Renowned for its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s a popular place to relax and swim, popular with locals and visitors alike. Many holidaymakers from northern Morocco choose Oued Laou as their holiday destination during the summer months.

As well as its beach, Oued Laou also offers magnificent mountain scenery. Hikers and nature lovers can take advantage of hiking trails to explore the surrounding mountains, which offer panoramic views of the region.

The resort has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with a population made up mainly of fishermen and farmers. Tourism is an important economic source for the region, but the main activity remains agriculture, particularly olive and citrus cultivation.

A dream beach to enjoy the Moroccan sun

Oued Laou beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Chefchaouen, just 1 hour’s drive to the north-east. With its crystal-clear waters and fine sand. You can take advantage of the sea to relax, swim or practise various water sports, such as paddle boarding, surfing or fishing. Oued Laou beach is a well-known seaside resort! So it’s easy to find all the equipment you need, such as parasols and deckchairs.

Itinéraire de Chefchaouen à Oued Laou
Itinerary from Chefchaouen to Oued Laou

Oued Laou is undoubtedly a destination of choice for a day trip or even closer to Chefchaouen. With beaches, nature, culture and accommodation to suit all budgets, this charming seaside resort has everything to appeal to travellers in search of authenticity and a change of scenery.