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Beach around Chefchaouen

In Chefchaouen, there is no beach! But next to it, towards the east, there are beautiful and breathtaking beaches. During your stay in Chefchaouen, you can always make a jump to one of these beaches which extends on a coast of more than 120 km. An excellent beach destination not to be missed during your trip to Chefchaouen.

Here is one of the most visited beaches not far from the city of Chefchaouen.

Stehat Beach

About 75 kms from Chefchaouen, you drive through mountainous landscapes on the Oued Laou road to Stehat, a small town set between two mountains that charms anyone who visits it. A Mediterranean blue beach awaits you and its grilled fish will satisfy your appetite after a good swim.

Plage Stehat
Stehat beach 75 km from Chefchaouen

Cabo Negro Beach

This is the beach you have probably heard a lot about. Cabo Negro is a well-known resort in the north of Morocco. A beach with fine sand and a turquoise sea… The resort of Cabo Negro is located 80km north of Chefchaouen, between the town of M’diq and Martil, two other beautiful Mediterranean destinations.

More about Cabo Negro beach.

Chmaala Beach

Located in the rural commune of Beni Bouzra, just next to the beach of Stehat (2 km south), this beach is accessible via the secondary coastal road n 608 which connects Oued Laou to Bou Ahmed. This beach is made up of the eastern part of Oued Tigisas, animated by a fishing village.

Beach of Targha

A little to the north this time of the beach of Stehat, located in the rural commune of Tizgane, with a length of about 3 km, this beach is very popular during the summer season.
You can reach the page via the bypass that connects Oued Laou to Bou Ahmed.

Maresdar Beach

A little further south-east, Maresdar beach is a unique place. It can even be considered the best beach near Chefchaouen. A quiet, clean beach with panoramic views to explore on your visit to the area.

Plage de Maresdar
Beach of Maresdar at 130 Km from Chefchaouen