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Hotel with swimming pool in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is growing steadily, with tourists from all over the world flocking to the city, which has become a popular destination in the north of the kingdom in Morocco in a very short time.

There are about a hundred hotels in Chefchaouen. Between classified hotels (about 17 according to HCP, the Moroccan High Commission for Planning) and the rest unclassified, between guest houses, cottages and hostels … with a total of about 2000 beds.

Discover our selection of the best hotels in Chefchaouen.

If you are looking for a good hotel with a swimming pool in Chefchaouen, we have spent time researching and selecting the best hotels that offer both a swimming pool and other useful extra services. We have also taken into consideration the hotel’s proximity to the medina, its accessibility, and the various options that will make the hotel appear on our list of the best hotels with a pool in Chefchaouen.

Here is our list of hotels with swimming pools in Chefchaouen that you deserve to stay at in the Blue City.

Lina Ryad & Spa

Lina Ryad Spa - Chefchaouen

We have already mentioned this hotel in our selection of the best hotels in Chefchaouen. The hotel has many features, such as a concierge service, a rooftop terrace and room service, but also a beautiful enclosed swimming pool that you will especially love. The pool and the included breakfast will help to make your stay even more special. The Lina Ryad & Spa has street parking.

180€ – 180€

This hotel also features in our selection of riads in Chefchaouen.


Hôtel ZIRYAB hôtel avec piscine

Discover the perfect blend of location and comfort when you stay at Hotel ZIRYAB. A hotel nestled in the heart of everything you want to explore, with unrivalled proximity to all your Chefchaouen adventures. The warm welcome from our attentive staff will melt your worries away, always ready to make your stay memorable.

75€ – 130€

Dar Echchaouen Guest House & Riad

Dar Echchaouen Maison d'Hôtes & Riad avec piscine

This hotel offers you a haven where every detail, from the meticulous decor to the sumptuous breakfast, is designed to awaken your senses. Immerse yourself in a truly soothing setting, where the caring staff are as comforting as the ambience. Enjoy the luxury of a suite upgrade, where elegant decor blends with a warm, cosy atmosphere. The exquisite breakfast is an invitation to start each day with delight.

100€ – 160€

This hotel also features in our selection of riads in Chefchaouen.

Hotel Riad Cherifa

Located not far from the Grand Mosque (0.4 km), Hotel Riad Cherifa is perfect if you are looking for a hotel with a swimming pool not too far from the various attractions of Chefchaouen. A 24 hour hotel with a rooftop terrace, clean rooms and friendly staff. Most reservations include a free breakfast. A 24-hour hotel with a rooftop terrace, clean rooms and friendly staff. Most bookings include a free breakfast. The hotel has public parking nearby for a fee.

85€ – 175€

This hotel also features in our selection of riads in Chefchaouen.

Hotel Parador

Located in the medina of Chefchaouen, Hotel Parador is just a 2-minute walk from the Kasbah. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool with a beautiful terrace for relaxing in front of the mountains. Rooms at the Parador Hotel are well equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel. Open 24 hours a day, this pool hotel offers a concierge service and sun loungers around the pool. Hotel Parador has free parking.

65€ – 85€


Yes, except for Hotel ZIRYAB and Dar Echchaouen, which are both at the eastern end of the medina! The other hotels mentioned are inside the medina, close to all the city's amenities and attractions.
In fact, most of these hotels with swimming pools are suitable for families travelling to Chefchaouen with their children. However, it is always advisable to check the hotel's terms and conditions when making a reservation.
In general, the average rate for a night in a hotel with a swimming pool in Chefchaouen is from €120 (1,200 MAD), according to the prices displayed on various booking platforms.