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Where to park in Chefchaouen?

Chefchaouen is a small town located in the heart of the mountains, and finding parking can be a little difficult, especially in the city centre.

If you are visiting Chefchaouen by car or rental car, it is always recommended to park in a private car park.

Private parking (paying)

There are several paid car parks in Chefchaouen, notably near the Place Uta el-Hammam. Private car parks can be a little expensive, but they are often more secure and closer to the city centre.

Parking Place Outa El Hammam

We think this is the best place in Chefchaouen to park your car next to Outa El Hammam, even if it is not very spacious. You should be aware that the car park is often full, so it is rare that you will find an empty space when you arrive in the middle of the day.

The car park is located next to the Parador Hotel on Avenue Hassan 2. Ideal for parking if you are staying in the north-eastern part of the medina. The wardens are helpful and welcoming.

Parking place outa Al hamam Chefchaouen
Parking at Outa Al Hammam Square in Chefchaouen –

Parking on Allal Ben Abdellah Avenue

Parking costs 10 Dhs for one day, 20 Dhs for one night and 50 Dhs if you wish to leave your vehicle for 24 hours. The rates are fixed and non-negotiable. Although the car park has no extra services and its maintenance leaves something to be desired, it is considered relatively quiet.

This car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the medina, which is accessible on foot.

View on Google Maps:

Parking Jour et Nuit

We put this car park in third place, because quite simply, this car park is dangerously lacking in maintenance and space. The staff is still not present, and your car may end up with unknown scratches, as the owners take the liberty of moving vehicles around all the time to free up even more spaces… Unfortunately, this car park deserves to be one of the best in the city, given its location in the heart of the city and right at the entrance to the old medina of Chefchaouen. The car park is also located around the best restaurants in Chefchaouen and right next to one of the city’s most famous hotels, Hotel Madrid.

If you decide to leave your car in this car park anyway, and the owners have finally decided to change their strategy (which we hope they will), you have to pay 40 Dhs for 24 hours parking, and 20 Dhs for one day.

Parking Jour et Nuit Chefchaouen
Day and Night Parking in Chefchaouen –

Public parking (free)

You can also park in the streets adjacent to the old town. However, this option is not always available, especially during the high season when the Blue City welcomes visitors from all over the world. If you don’t want to pay for private parking in the city centre, it is advisable to park outside the old town, as you will have more free space but less security.

In general, it is important to pay attention to signs and parking regulations, as rules can vary from street to street and tickets can be issued for illegal parking. 

Take the time to find out about the different parking options. Ask the guards and staff on site to avoid any changes in conditions before you park your car.

You can also call your hotel, which can really save you if you run out of ideas.